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Authentic Chinese Cuisine

An identity crafted and cooked through collaboration.

About our Hero:

Jo, the Noodle lady, comes from Guangzhou – China, a city with lots of delicious food, and her home town is known as the “long live county” in China, where many people live a long life of more than 100 years. 

Cooking has always been very important in Jo’s life. She was told to serve food with love and respect since she was a baby girl. 

People love her food, especially her fried noodles (which tastes so good, I proved). The vegetables and meat she cooks with are always fresh and filled with nutrients people need after a hard day at work.

So with the encouragement and support from her family and friends, the Noodle Lady was born. That’s where our paths crossed where Jo’s husband co-worker gave my contact to them.


From the very beginning, she wanted two things: a character (which is a self-representation) + “The Noodle Lady” written in Chinese as part of the brand.

My watercolors addition sometimes allows me to create brands, like this one, rich in textures and colors that make every design completely unique.

First I sketch a couple of designs for the female character and then I painted in watercolors. Later I could fix on photoshop some detailing and color vibrancy.

The first review was very positive, she absolutely LOVED! Which is always awesome. However, she asked to the bowl be more like the symbol that represents “noodle” in Chinese. A feel paintings and tries lates, and we have approval! Yay!

Branding samples from Vanessa Lindo, studio ink & pixel The Noodle Lady logo

After one week of all files were sent, they had an event and I could taste her food for the first time. Also, that was the first event she participated as The Noodle Lady and everybody was thrilled.

Now she has a food truck and can take her passion around Greenville SC. So if you see this truck, please stop and eat some noodles! 


Vanessa created a logo for our start up business that was absolutely perfect.”
Bob Schulmeister


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