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The scientifically-proven beauty with Fibonacci’ Golden Ratio.

Have you ever secretly wondered, ‘What’s so great about the Mona Lisa?’ The answer is the Golden Ratio.

Art and design are often led by instinct and creativity, and the Golden Ratio uses mathematics to create your image-making, layout, typography into beautiful and perfectly balanced designs. 

What is the Golden Ratio:

is the number used when two quantities are divided in a way that their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger one of the two quantities. That number is 1.618, also called Phi.

We demonstrate this by using the Fibonacci Sequence, which is the sum of the two numbers before it, starting from 0: 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21…forever and ever. 

The Greeks used the Fibonacci Sequence to form a visual pattern to aid their designs.

When you turn the sequence into squares and lay them side-by-side to create rectangles, a spiral (called the Golden Spiral) starts to form (image below).

How is used in Graphic design?

    1. Typography: to correctly address hierarchy in your layout and guide your typography sizes. 


To correctly address hierarchy in your layout and guide your typography sizes. 

H1 = 40px

H2 = 25px (40px ÷ 1.618 = 25px)

H3 = 16px

H4 = 10px

Image Composition & Layouts

Overlay the spiral on your images to see if they really do create harmony or where the focal points need to be on a layout, or which elements need to be shifted to give the design more energy.

fibonacci poster printclub

fibonacci poster printclub


Logo design

To instantly draw people in and help them connect. In fact, many of the biggest brands in the world use the Golden Ratio to form their logos: Pepsi, Apple and Twitter.

fibonacci logos apple, twitter pepsi

This post was scientifically-designed (but intuitively approved).

Can you guess where else we can find the Golden Ratio?

Tell me in the comments.

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