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There are numerous SEO strategies you can use to increase traffic to your website. But, Local SEO has proved to be the most effective.

In today’s world, where technology is the new normal, every business owner, regardless of how small or big their business is, needs to focus on building strong online presence. The internet has brought a whole new world of opportunities for business people, allowing them to stay in constant communication with their customers and associates without investing in costly TV, radio and newspaper adverts.

But in order for you to build a lasting reputation on the internet, there are several important marketing strategies you have to employ. For instance, you need to invest in organic search engine optimization (AKA SEO). This approach is important because it offers your business the amount of visibility it needs to appeal to new customers. While there are numerous SEO strategies you can use to increase traffic to your website, local SEO has proved to be the most effective. 

Statistics show that over 90 percent of consumers today search for businesses and products online before they decide to go out to make a purchase.



Writing blog posts is hard… I need a coffee.

Here are the search results for: “coffee shop Greenville SC”

According to one study, 33% of clicks go to the local “snack pack” results, with 40% going to the regular organic results.


Keyword Research:

Let’s say you run a Car Detailing / Washing business. Probably that’s how people will search:


  • 24 hour car wash in greenville sc
  • automatic car wash in greenville sc
  • car care in greenville sc
  • auto detailing in greenville sc
  • car detailing service in greenville sc
  • detailing in greenville sc
  • cheap car wash in greenville sc
  • car cleaning in greenville sc
  • drive through car wash in greenville sc
  • automatic car wash in greenville sc
Did you spot the format?

It’s service in location (SiL).

Just make a list of all the services you offer and the locations you serve… then merge them together to create a bunch of potential keywords.


PRO TIP: Access highervisibility.com and just enter your services and locations, then hit “Generate keywords.” It will kick back a list like that.


Therefore, if your brick and mortar business isn’t available online, you will be losing a huge chunk of prospective customers. The easiest and quickest way to attract these local clients is to focus on local marketing campaigns because they increase your exposure and help you to dominate the local market. Before you think of competing with larger businesses nationally, take advantage of the local market first.

Fortunately, you can now find highly experienced professionals who can help you to market your brand locally. For instance, it is very easy to find brand design Greenville SC service providers, who can design an amazing website for your business and create marketing graphics for you. Remember, graphics are an important part of any SEO strategy since they help to complement content and images.


Here are some of the other main benefits of local SEO:

  • It’s less costly than national SEO.
  • It’s less competitive to rank in the local market.
  • It uses geographically specific keywords with a high conversion rate.
  • It allows you to stay within your budget.

Finally, directing your resources to the local market gives you better chances of improving your local acceptability. For instance, if you regularly publish fascinating, valuable information about your town, district, or region, your fellow residents and local media will undoubtedly notice your brand. It’s a simple way of getting the residents of your area close to your brand while improving your public visibility.


There is much more about local SEO to learn that I’ll be posting soon.

Is your Local SEO optimized? Tell me in the comments.

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