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I'm a Creative Thinker with a passion for Meaningful Design

Learn more about me - Vanessa, and why I do what I do.

My goal is to create

Thoughtfully Crafted Works that Tell a Story

I understand that technology changes at a daily rate, making it hard to keep up-to-date. Nobody should be overwhelmed by handling your own business marketing.
I have +13 years of experience working on multiple marketing environments, and in the last 6 years here in the US, I’ve helped over 30 entrepreneurs launch their business.

+1000 design projects

in the last years. View some here.

+13 years of Experience

working in marketing departments, full service agencies and as a freelancer.

2 Languages

English & Portuguese
(I’m from Brazil)

The Short

Hi, I’m Vanessa Lindo, a designer located in Upstate Greenville SC. I work out of an office with some plants and my dog Gordon, who snores so loud that people can hear him from a phone call.

Antelope Canyon

The Long

I was born in São Paulo, Brazil. I received my Bachelor in Graphic Design from the Universidade Paulista in São Paulo, Brazil in 2008. Before graduation, I worked as an intern in the marketing department at a franchise chain, where I was offered a graphic designer assistant position at the end of the internship contract. 

I had been working there for over a year when I was offered the same position, but improved benefits and salary, in a manufactory, on which I stayed for about 2 and a half years. 

While developing my career in this company, I was able to take several different design courses that were challenging for me at the time. Also, I started an English course seeking to enhance not only my curriculum but an old dream of studying in a foreign country.

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With that vision in mind, I decided to spend 6 months abroad in 2012 studying three different design-related short courses in London, UK at the University of Arts London. This was a wonderful experience as I was surrounded by very bright, creative people. 

Vanessa at Trafalgar Square - The National Gallery London UKOne of my favorite things to do while I was in London, was having a snack and sit down on those stairs at The National Gallery at the famous Trafalgar Square.

This was an extreme positive opportunity, as I was able to experience what life is like in a different country (and the adversities that may present) while leverage my business skills under demanding circumstances. Coming back home from London, I took a position in a full-service advertising agency.

In 2013, I moved to the US, where my now-husband was given a job offer. That was a lifetime opportunity, that I felt worth the risk and challenge of being out of my comfort zone. 

After some market research and writing a business plan, I opened up Studio Ink & Pixel in January of 2020.

What People are Saying About Me

I’ve worked with Vanessa many times over the years and she has never disappointed! Her design work of all types (branding, sites, etc.) is all absolutely lovely and amazingly high-quality, and she’s communicative and has a fast turn-around, too. Vanessa sees right into your brain, understands what you want, pulls it out, and then makes it even better and more beautiful than whatever you were thinking to start with. Can’t recommend highly enough.”
Desiree Beauchamp, Sky Mountain Marketing

When you’re in need of a creative illustrator for your company, choose Vanessa. She is dependable, organized and enjoyable to converse with…”
Robin Millington, Robino’s Food Truck

I’ve worked with Vanessa on various projects. While making my website, Vanessa paid extra attention to my needs and always improved my initial ideas. I have continued working with her because her design skills are excellent and she’s pleasant to work with. I have an immense respect for her as a designer, and an immeasurable gratitude for her flexibility to accommodate my schedule.
Diana Farfan, Ceramic Artist

I’ve been working with Vanessa for so many years and love her professionalism, her talent and creativity, she’s the one who does all my website and templates for my social media and I highly recommend her.”
Cristiane Desouza, Photographer

When I’m not in from a computer, I’m…

Custom Watercolor Pet Portraits from Studio Ink & Pixel
Custom Watercolor Pet Portraits

Messing with Watercolors

While working as a graphic & web designer, I always loved to play with watercolors and lettering on my free time.

Naturally, I started painting some canvas to decorate my new house, always by the company of my lovely English bulldog – Gordon. So I decided to portrait him in a colorful and fun way.

Want a portrait of your pet?

Portrait people’s four-legged family members have been an honor and such a wonderful way of showing how much they mean to us. Order here.

Branding sample from Vanessa Lindo, studio ink & pixel The Noodle Lady logo

Crafting Halloween Costumes

My husband Peterson and I LOVE Halloween. Especially making crazy custom costumes. We’ve been Wall-E & Eve, Immortan Joe & Furiosa from Mad Max, zombie Elsa (sorry kids!), a demon & an archangel, Stranger Things Eleven, and even figured out a way for me to be LED lights eclipse. Yeah, we usually pick something unusual.

You’ll probably see some blog posts around this time of the year here.

Don’t think Gordon – our English Bulldog – is safe from our ideas. Although he stares eerily at us and clearly wishes we just leave him alone.

Peterson & Vanessa on Wall-E & Eve Halloween costumes & Gordon the English Bulldog
Halloween Costumes - Gordon the English Bulldog
PechaKucha Night Greenville
PechaKucha Night Greenville

Helping organize PechaKucha Nights in Greenville SC

What this hard-to-pronounce-word means, you ask? It’s an informal and fun gathering where creative people get together and share their ideas, work, thoughts – just about anything! 

All this following a short and concise structure: Presentations are given in 20 slides for 20 seconds each. So no more than 7 minutes per presentation! 

It’s a great way to engage in our community and learn more about the love of art, local happenings and everything that surrounds us and it’s FREE to participate. 

If you live in Greenville SC, view our local schedule here.