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Show your Clients
(and Competitors) That You Mean Business.

You’re amazing at what you do, and your business image should reflect that.

It’s more than just aesthetics…

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Intentional Design

Intentional Design:

Convey the true impact you make.

Business Recognition

Brand Recognition:

Be recognized & known for what you do.

Fully Equipped

Fully Equipped:

Leverage technology for smooth sales.

Confusion is a business expense you can’t afford.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the details of marketing.
What works? What doesn’t?

No business wants to waste money on luxurious non-essentials that don’t pay off. But how do you know what is really important?

And when your customers are confused…it’s even worse.
Confused customers don’t buy. Period.

All this translates to a loss of opportunity — and a loss of profit.

At Studio Ink & Pixel,
our job is to open up a new stream of untouched opportunities for your business.

We do this by equipping you with a powerful online presence that reflects the true value of your service and wipes all doubt from your clients’ minds.

Imagine the confidence that comes from knowing your professional branding is creating a long-lasting legacy for your business…and a functional, effective sales engine is inspiring customers to take action, even when the doors are closed.


You’re a Zoom call away from your next level.

Let us show you how our services can transform your sales.


Our Work Have Been Featured:

University of the Arts London
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HubSpot Academy


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Proud Member:

Interaction Design Foundation - Member
UXPA: International User Experience Professionals Association
IAAP: International Association of Accessibility Professionals
Women Who Code Greenville
Women Who Code Greenville

You’re the Master of Your Craft.

Let’s Show the World.

Our design is personalized and intelligent. We’ll get to know your brand intimately, so that we reflect the heart and soul of your business.
We’ll take a deep dive into your marketing needs, sales process, and customer behavior so that we map out an engine that is intuitive and makes buying natural.

From our insightful design process to our dependable support, we’ve got your back.
You can count on us, from start to finish.

Here’s How it Works

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You’ll be ready to share your revitalized business identity with the world!

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Celebrating Client Victories

Kate Vazquez, Radiant Health

Kate Vazquez, MMS, PAC

“Working alongside Vanessa to rebrand my website and logo was a fun and exciting experience. Her expertise and creative foresight was exactly was I needed. She is the cross section of digital artistry and sophistication. She gave me the freedom to provide as much direction while inviting me to be apart of the process every step of the way. She brought the vision I had into fruition and has surpassed my exceptions. I cannot recommend Vanessa enough, she will be your go to as well!”

Your Radiant Health | Branding + Website

Desiree Beauchamp, Horizon Dogs

Desiree Beauchamp

“I’ve worked with Vanessa many times over the years and she has never disappointed! Her design work of all types (branding, sites, etc.) is all absolutely lovely and amazingly high-quality, and she’s communicative and has a fast turn-around, too. Vanessa sees right into your brain, understands what you want, pulls it out, and then makes it even better and more beautiful than whatever you were thinking to start with. Can’t recommend highly enough.”

Horizon Dogs Website was Awarded UI/UX from CSS Design Awards

Moving Businesses Forward.
With Intentional Design.

I’m Vanessa, the designer + strategist behind Studio Ink & Pixel. I help purpose-driven entrepreneurs transform their presence from non-existent — to bold, professional, and addictive.

Nothing brings me more joy than helping my clients achieve a new level of confidence and profitability in their business.

vanessa lindo