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There are certainly some businesses for which the DIY route might make sense.

For example, if you are a new business with limited resources and need something quick and cheap to get the ball rolling, a DIY can lower your entry costs.

Perhaps it’s a temporary approach until the business is thriving enough to justify longer-term investment in your web presence.

But, for many small businesses, the return that a good first impression makes far outweighs the relatively low upfront cost of a website built with knowledge and experience.


Here are some of the main reasons why these DIY websites suck:

Lacks Uniqueness

Most DIY sites are too generic. They lack uniqueness, which is bad for your brand. Since they only provide pre-designed templates, you will have no choice but to pick the ones available. Consequently, you will end up having a website that is almost identical to your competitor’s. Even if they allow you to use your logo, the overall website won’t reflect the true image of your brand.


It Doesn’t Have a Polished Appearance

When you hire a website design expert (like us =] ) to build your site from scratch, you are assured of getting a website that is properly polished, with all your preferred designs and themes. As a professional, who has done this work dozens of times before, I know what goes where on the site in order to make it look professional. But when you go for the DIY options, you only work with what has been provided, which limits your ingenuity. Most of these free sites are more of copy and paste, with little or no proficiency.


Poor Code

Poor code is a major problem with DIY websites. Your visitors may not see the bad code but they will always feel frustrated when using your site because it will have functionality and alignment issues. For instance, it is very difficult to find a DIY website that is completely friendly to mobile devices. Furthermore, Google and other search engines hates poorly done website codes. So, it will be very difficult for your website to rank.


Something Doesn’t Work.

I’ve mentioned poor coding potentially causing things to malfunction, but sometimes the error is on the person building the site. For instance, installing a widget, plugin, or other type of add on and not setting it up or installing it properly. A classic example of this is a contact form that doesn’t work. This sort of thing can obviously frustrate the site visitor, but it could be a real killer for your business too.


And last, but the MOST important:

Minimal or No Seo

Many older DIY builders will give you no or very little SEO capability. Or you might not know what you’re supposed to do. This is when you’ll need to hire a professional that can optimize your website.


If your website it’s your business marketing tool in search engines and as a first impression-maker,

Is that the right place to save money?


If you are planning to create an attractive, professional website for your business in Greenville SC, talk to me today. I have all the tools and expertise needed to design a superb website for you. =]

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