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There’s no doubt that with the past decade’s technological advancements, company dynamics have changed to a large degree. Depending on how business leaders view these changes, they can be considered either challenges or opportunities. Several best practices can foster and strengthen team collaboration in the workplace. Here are four tips from Studio Ink & Pixel that can lead you and your team on the road to success.


Lead by Example

The general saying that employees leave their bosses, not their jobs, is true to an extent, but a problematic working relationship with a manager is not the only reason. Other evidence-based reasons include a lack of appreciation, engagement, career growth options, and working remotely.

According to the Center for Creative Leadership, this can lead to communication breakdowns, turf wars, inadequate information sharing, and a lack of team governance processes. This is where the value of leaders who invest in supporting social relationships can make all the difference. Leaders who demonstrate a high level of collaborative behavior will have the most success in encouraging a culture of open communication, optimism, and a belief that success is possible.

This strongly correlates with an effective branding strategy. One example of how collaboration can be infused in your messaging efforts to bring about customer acquisition and retention is working with Studio Ink & Pixel, who will work alongside you every step of the way, whether it’s websites and social media or merchandising and printing.


Build Collaboration Skills

But how does a leader go about building collaborative teams when they have the overwhelming responsibility of securing the bottom line? The truth is, the stronger the team, the bigger the income. Leaders can start by investing in signature relationship practices that set them apart from other companies and make them unique. Ensuring employees have the requisite skills to perform their jobs optimally will also improve collaboration efforts. By rewarding employees by creating a “gift culture,” employees will feel valued and part of a larger working community.


Find the Right Collaboration Tools

There are several tech tools on the market that support seamless team collaboration. The challenge is finding the right tools that work for your team and support your business needs. These tools include project management platforms, video conference calling software, and human resource software solutions that can integrate a spectrum of workplace technology to encourage a sense of community, shared goals, and successful team collaboration.


Create Team Activities

Don’t underestimate the value of team activities to foster a sense of belonging, value, and community. Several companies offer team-building activities that will enrich your teams and foster a higher level of understanding for fellow employees that will ultimately encourage and build collaboration in the workplace. Team Music explains that music is an excellent bonding agent, as it brings together a universal enjoyment of music and movement that encourages team building.


Go Further Together

The truth of the age-old adage, “No man is an island,” is more relevant to modern companies than ever before. Team dynamics can be the driving force behind a company’s success or failure. Equipping your team with the right skills and tools to improve collaboration can create a thriving working environment.

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– Article written by Linda Chase of AbleHire.org. |  05.23.2022


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