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I’ll be the first to admit that my services are the same as a lot of other designers.

But before I elaborate on that note…

Hi, I’m Vanessa! The designer + strategist behind Studio Ink & Pixel. I help purpose-driven entrepreneurs transform their presence from non-existent — to bold, professional, and addictive.

I provide brand strategy, brand identity design, and WordPress/Squarespace/Kajabi web design + development. I’m sure there’s another designer that provides those same services.⁠


However, they don’t solve business-level problems the way I do.⁠

⁠I have a unique take on brand strategy using a proven process that takes clients through an intensive session where we break down roadblocks and unveil their true mission in business.⁠

⁠My personality also adds to the value of my services and differentiates me from other designers:⁠

  • I welcome clients into the design process
  • I live by the motto: moving businesses forward, with intentional design. So everything is there for a reason.
  • I believe in making conscious decisions that support people and the planet
  •  I’m dedicated to empowering my clients to take control of their brands and websites, so they don’t need to rely on professionals like me (unless they want to).⁠

⁠I’m not afraid of competition because no one does things the same way, and there is space for everyone to thrive.

Interested in collaborating together? Let’s chat. I’d love to learn more about you and your business!⁠

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What a World-Class Coach Had To Say:

My messaging was falling short and was not attracting the right clients to my business. Vanessa was able to take my vision and create an elevated and timeless rebranding for my business and website… The new branding is in alignment with the work I do.” – Rozanna Wyatt | Read our case studies


Are You Ready for Automatic High-Ticket Client Attraction?

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