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Since we are almost halfway into the year 2020, it is a perfect time for brands to reflect and check whether their websites need updating so that they can continue to lead the pack. Just like fashion, technology, sports, etc. web design and development keeps evolving, with designers and developers inventing more elaborate designs and applications almost on a daily basis. So, if you want your brand to remain relevant online, consider upgrading your website to match the latest standards and trends. Here are the 5 website trends for 2020.

Isometric & 3D Illustrations:

3D modeling has made it possible for web designers to come up with incredible 3D web designs that are aimed at creating immersive experiences for different websites. Until recently, 3D web designs were very expensive to create because they required one to invest in NASA-tier equipment, which wasn’t readily available.

But today, this technology has become quite accessible, enabling designers to create affordable and hyper-realistic 3D designs. The main advantage of having immersive 3D designs on your website is that they greatly improve its visuals and encourage users to stay on the site longer.  

Other way of giving a 3D effect to your content, it’s creating Isometric illustrations. They are all over the web, and for good reason – they offer a unique perspective that communicates concepts and ideas easily. These illustrations visually represent three-dimensional objects in two dimensions, which makes them great for technical illustrations, retro-inspired design, and city scenes.

A Mix of Graphics and Photos:

Web designers have devised new ways of creating memorable visuals for websites by corresponding original graphics with real photos. This has created a whole new opportunity for designers to go wild. The good thing about this trend is that it is completely versatile, allowing you to incorporate charm and fascination into otherwise tasteless product photos. It also makes it possible for you to communicate complex and abstract models like technology and finance.

Ultra-Simple Navigation

As the world of technology continues to evolve, web designers are being forced to reinvent their designs so that they can allow easier navigation. These changes have been necessitated by the rise in the use of mobile and wearable devices such as smartphones and smartwatches that require more responsive websites.  

Negative Space

Most web designers are slowly replacing parallax and full-bleed designs with solid structures that are accompanied by a lot of blank spaces. This space gives the designs more structure and utilizes clean framing to make them more stable. With a substantial amount of blank space on a webpage, framing offers the right foundation for visuals to shine.   

Voice Search Functions

For a long time, handicapped people who can’t type have encountered difficulties when trying to find something on the web. But things are slowly changing for this group of people thanks to the new voice search apps that are already being used in e-commerce. These apps make it faster and easier for users to find what they are looking for on the website without having to type.



Finally, if you want to have an idea of how some of the best agency website designs of 2020 in Greenville SC look like, you can see them here.

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