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the new branding is in alignment with the work I do

I recently sent a survey for a few clients and this was one of the answers when asked about the outcome of the services we provided.

“The new Branding is in alignment with the work I do…” – Rozanna Wyatt Case Study

And how important alignment is for brands, right!?… I’d say that brand alignment is a measure of how well your business fulfills its brand promise.

Your brand is your promise to your customers. It encompasses your company’s values, beliefs, mission, and vision. And when the message comes out clear, you reap the results in an increase in sales, conversion, awareness, and most importantly, attracts high-paying clients.

Today, you’ll get the 10 most powerful marketing strategies that work right now.

1. Be Where They Are

One of the fastest ways to grow your coaching business? Facebook groups. By going to where your ideal coaching clients are already hanging out, you can quickly build relationships with them, your status as the go-to coach in your niche, and your business.

Also, your next clients could be closer than you think… They could come from your network. Simply let your family and friends know about your business.


2. Ask the right Type of Questions

A professional discovery session with the right (interview) questions will help your prospect find out why she/ he needs your coaching program. The client sells the coaching to herself with her answers. Having a clear intake process and asking the right questions ensures you are managing your clients’ expectations.

Since you are selling an abstract commodity, it is beneficial to market your services as concretely as possible. This will also help you stand out from competitors.


3. Be Authentic

The secret to authentic marketing, leadership, coaching, and business is essentially this: stop trying to be something or someone else. Drop the veneer and let your personality, beliefs, values, and opinions shine through.

When advertising your brand (and meeting with prospective clients), pitch a personal story about your journey from amateur to seasoned professional.


4. Turn (wrong) People Away

Building a successful coaching business isn’t just about growing your client base as large as you can. It’s also really important to focus on finding quality clients that respect you and are easy to get along with, and that value your work and are capable of paying you for it.

Sometimes turning a client away might be the best decision for your business, and could actually end up saving you time, reducing stress, and increasing your profits.


5. Be Consistent

That ensures that your brand is easily recognizable across all marketing channels and touch points. This creates a cohesive consistent brand identity, unified experience for both existing and potential customers.

Brand aspects like logos, colors and taglines are as important in this industry as in any other.  Consider using crowdsourcing for your logo design. To get the most logo ideas, check our work here.

Take time to polish your online presence and keep your identity in great shape. Update your web content as often as possible. Use consistent font, tone of voice, keywords, and other indicators that play into potential clients’ conscious and subconscious perception of your brand.


6. Define Target Market

Who is your target market? Identify your niche — look at what problems you like solving and at prior clients you excelled with. What groups would most benefit from your coaching and what groups should you refer to a colleague? Remember, you can’t be everything to everyone. Keep your scope tightly concentrated around your skill sets.


7. Create an Appealing Program/Offer

Many people have never worked with a coach and have no idea how long it will take them to accomplish their desired outcome. Ultimately, you are marketing the idea that you can drastically and positively change your client’s business, health or life.  However, what you are delivering is much more modest: a set number of sessions for a set price.

Break the package down as much as possible and assign each segment a portion of the final cost. The more tangible you can make the process, the more comfortable the client will be purchasing your services.


8. What’s that ONE thing that makes your business special?

Think about what’s your “secret sauce”? For example, one of my clients helps people lose weight with herbs. Why should a potential client pay you for your wisdom instead of another coach advertising in the same industry? In an increasingly interconnected world, there is a great deal of chatter. Put yourself at the top of the list with a small number of well-defined and exemplary deliverables.

You must get out among your customers and show them why they need you.


9. Learn from the Best

Pay attention to coaches who you admire and the content itself. And how the teacher is passing on content. Assumedly you had teachers who helped you achieve success in your coaching business. Now, allow yourself to be taught again to learn how to best teach others. 


10. Leverage with the Right Tools

It doesn’t need to be fancy. Just authentic. We are a screen-fixated society, and when you feature yourself in a well-done personal branding, website or video, it can lend credibility to your practice. Those who don’t resonate with you or with your offer, won’t bother to respond.

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What a World-Class Coach Had To Say:

My messaging was falling short and was not attracting the right clients to my business. Vanessa was able to take my vision and create an elevated and timeless rebranding for my business and website… The new branding is in alignment with the work I do.” – Rozanna Wyatt | Read our case studies


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