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Artist + Designer = Dream Team

I received this card from Diana when we close the deal on her new website. Look at this amazing drawing she made for me! No pressure, right?

That was a hint for what it was coming: a journey loaded with creative ideas and a chance to be out of current trends like flat/square/sleek/super-modern design.

Menu Icons First:

We had some great exchange of designs, but we were having a hard time to finding the ideal approach for the logo. Her work was too rich and full of meanings for choosing one thing and go from that only.

So we decided to move on to the design of menu icons first since we got some ideas already coming up. She personally made those marvelous drawings to represent each topic.

After a few brainstorms, we wondered if there was a way to capture the fact that she is from Bogotá – Colombia. The combination of her artistic style, combined with a pre-Columbian look, started to provide more context for the direction we decided to take.

Working with this concept, I started exploring different ways to arrange the shapes and incorporate them into the drawings so as to find the most appealing balance.


With the website concept ready; icons and background were done, we went back to the logo design. Diana made a couple of designs and one of her last rounds stand out with a “winged character.”

Hands as wings represent freedom of mind and spirit” – Diana Farfán

Once we had our concept set, I began tweaking the shape/sizing/spacing/consistency of the winged character + letterforms, in order to achieve the right visual balance. I wanted to look like it’s “going out”. Getting free. A free spirit as she is.


Diana needed an online platform to transition her in-person art into digital format.
My vision for her new website was to create a platform for greater conversation around her work, where people could understand her mindset and experience a non-traditional beauty.

The entire process was highly collaborative with lots of client input and feedback. That is very important in my personal process because I believe that only with collaboration can we get the most compelling final product. I take the reigns, especially with design-related decisions, but I ensure that I am integrating proper feedback from the client, especially when they can offer extra insights into concepts and symbology.


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