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Virtual Speech Therapy

From daily headaches… to drooling investors

Great Speech website design
About our Hero:

Great Speech is the pioneer of virtual speech therapy. The founder, Avivit, had the foresight to recognize the value of the virtual model long before it became popularized by the pandemic. Back in 2014, she knew that virtual therapy would allow her clients to experience both convenience and quality…so she started her business then, and hasn’t looked back.

Before we dive-in the design journey, I have to mention that this job is a collaboration between Studio Ink & Pixel and Sky Mountain Marketing. They intermediate the whole process with Avivit, providing me the Website copy and congruent visual information. They also clarified Great Speech’s messaging, so that every communication reflected the core mission and impact of their work. This was reflected on all marketing materials, from their website, to their ads, to their Christmas cards, etc…

Website Overhaul:

We crafted a new digital presence and brand for Great Speech that was simultaneously beautiful and strategic, marrying modern design and razor-sharp insightful copy. Then, over the course of the year, we optimized and fine-tuned it, adding pages and making changes, to ensure that it was performing at the absolute best possible level.

Client Portal:

We strategized and designed a beautiful client portal, so that therapists had one central place to communicate with clients. This eradicated confusion at the source, and gave the company oversight of all procedures.  Plus, it closed a major revenue gap — missed sessions and scheduling hiccups.

Not only that, but we identified from client feedback that a key opportunity for improvement was organization of homework. We incorporated a practice center into the Portal. Overall, client satisfaction improved with the ease of use. It also made the company feel more “real” and tangible, despite being fully remote. Plus, it positioned the company as ultra-professional.

UI/UX Great Speech Client Portal
UI/UX Great Speech Client Portal

Collateral Marketing Materials:

We crafted welcome packages, policies, holiday cards, and all sorts of communications so that Great Speech’s innovative service & industry leadership were highlighted, and the message stayed consistent across channels – despite the change in tone and voice necessitated by the shift in audience.

great speech holiday cards
welcome package pdf cover for great speech
join the team great speech

What Great Speech Had To Say:

“… When I presented for an investor recently, I felt so much more logical and put together than any other time. Everything I presented was so sexy, my investors were salivating. I had tears in my eyes when we showed off our new company assets, because we were getting the exact reaction from that I’ve been waiting for for years!…”


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