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Horizon Dog Training Website
About our Hero:

Horizon Dog Training is a dog behavior consultation service, specializing in working with dogs with severe issues (such as aggression to humans or dogs, or extreme anxiety). Horizon goes beyond training, leveraging high-level methods grounded in psychology, behavioral science, and learning theory, alongside a positive, relationship-centered approach. Horizon helps dogs and people connect, so that they can enjoy more fun and freedom together.

Before we dive-in the design journey, I have to mention that this job is a collaboration between Studio Ink & Pixel and Sky Mountain Marketing. They intermediate the whole process with Desiree, providing me the Website copy and congruent visual information. 

Website Overhaul:

Once Horizon’s messaging was fully dialed in, we translated that visually into a completely new brand and digital presence. Now, Horizon’s look and feel matched their professionalism and quality — and again, differentiated them completely from all competitors.

The website we created organized a large amount of information into an intuitive flow and visually-appealing layout that kept clients on the page and engaged, and also moved them forward to action. It may seem counterintuitive that the look and feel of a site can be so crucial to motivating action, but as we optimized the site based on data from traffic flow and leads, the importance of getting every detail right became apparent.

High-performing Funnel:

In order to make sure no leads slipped through the cracks, even if they weren’t ready to take action immediately, we developed and optimized an email funnel. The lead magnet was a 10 Step Guide to Connect with Your Dog Instantly. Leads could opt-in. Once emails were captured, we built a short email sequence encouraging leads to engage with the guide. From there, we created a longer indoctrination email sequence.

As with the messaging we created for Horizon’s site, leads and clients both were soon quoting from our funnel in both sessions and sales calls. Horizon reported regularly speaking to potential leads who directly stated they had called because of the guide or emails. Once the funnel had accumulated enough opt-ins, we took a look at the data on the back end and optimized the email sequence to take performance to an even higher level.

lead magnet horizon dogs

Print Materials for Local Marketing:

We continued this strategy by creating beautiful, professional marketing materials that took all of the professionalism and messaging magic from Horizon’s new website analog. To link these traditional materials and the site, we included a QR code to the page housing the free resources. This allowed Horizon to create an infinite spectrum of materials without needing to generate vast amounts of new content — simply by targeting each new material to its intended audience and linking to the same, comprehensive resources page.

postcards horizon dogs


Funnel conversion is at 86% (from 15%), 2x’ed Sales, and gone from page 20 to 1 for Google organic traffic.

Desiree Beauchamp, Horizon Dogs

What Horizon Dogs Had To Say:

“I’ve worked with Vanessa many times over the years and she has never disappointed! Her design work of all types (branding, sites, etc.) is all absolutely lovely and amazingly high-quality, and she’s communicative and has a fast turn-around, too. Vanessa sees right into your brain, understands what you want, pulls it out, and then makes it even better and more beautiful than whatever you were thinking to start with. Can’t recommend highly enough.” – Desiree Beauchamp


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