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“The narrative coming out of a company must be clear. In a story, audiences must always know: who the hero is, what the hero wants, who the hero has to defeat, what tragic thing will happen if the hero doesn’t win and what wonderful thing will happen if they do.” – From the book Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller

Let’s look at how this framework plays out in a familiar story. 👉

A Character

In the first Hunger Games movie, Katniss Everdeen must compete in a twisted fight-to-the-death tournament.

My StoryBrand character:

Small business owners who desire to achieve field recognition.


Has a Problem

The problem she faces is obvious: kill or be killed.

External: Must survive.
Internal: Stay good and authentic.
Philosophical: Tyranny vs. Democracy

My StoryBrand Problem:

The problem they face is that they don’t have an established brand and/or haven’t built an online presence.

External: Don’t have time for it DIY.
Internal: Don’t know how to deal with technology.
Philosophical: They know that when they show their best, they look more professional and are taken seriously.


And Meets a Guide

Along comes Haymitch, the brash, liquor-loving, grizzled winner of a previous Hunger Games tournament.

My StoryBrand Guide:

That’s me! (or it’s you when creating your own storybrand) I have +12 years of experience and helped many clients launch their business on your own terms.


Who Gives Them a Plan

He helps her hatch a plan to win over the public. This gains Katniss more sponsors, thereby equipping her with more resources for fight and increasing her chances of winning.

My StoryBrand Plan:

I’ll equip your business with all the marketing tools needed to start selling and you’ll learn the strategies you should take to stand out in your field.

That Helps them Avoid Failure

If Katniss doesn’t win the game, that means she dies and district 12 is crushed.

My StoryBrand Failure Ending:

Weak branding that makes you look less professional and brings confusion to the audience. 

Unable to customize your own tool with a complicated technology;

That Ends in Success

Spoiler Alert: Katniss lives, District 12 rejoices

MyStoryBrand Success Ending:

Imagine a life like this:
Time for what matters and to focus on your business and life.
You’ll finally look like the professional you are and gain field credibility.
You’ll stand out fearless among your competition.

It might sound too much comparing a business to a movie storyboard, but when put into perspective for your own business, you’ll understand who you are, the direction you’re taking your business and the best ways to communicate value so your brand can reap its benefits.


I hope this may help you.

This framework is based on the book “Building a StoryBrand” by Donald Miller. All rights reserved to the author.

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