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How to use your mission as an anchor.

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc around the world and cause major disruptions in business trends, almost every business in Greenville SC is taking a hit. This has left many business owners demotivated, with some even considering total closure. But it is important to reflect on the evolving situation and find ways to stay motivated.

How Can a Mission Statement Motivate You?

One of the best sources of motivation for most business owners during this tough economic period has been their mission. This is a statement summarizing a company’s objectives and core values. Therefore, if this pandemic has thrown you off balance, you need to go back to your mission and find direction.

Your mission reminds you of the main reason why you started the business and the main values on which the company is founded.

For example, I build websites and all sort of branding materials in Greenville SC and my mission is to create the best brands for business owners by offering them a wide range of solutions at an affordable cost, then I should use my mission statement as a constant reminder of the goals I hope to achieve at the end of the day, regardless of how tough the situation is.

With a set of key values and objectives, your company will be able to find its way when the business situation becomes chaotic. These values act as a signpost, giving you direction and motivation so that you do not get distracted. Aside from keeping you interested and focused on your goals, a mission statement will also force you to be authentic and have a clear picture of what you hope to do with your business. Moreover, it offers you a quick and practical reminder of where you are supposed to go when you get off the track.

What Should a Mission Statement Entail?

The good thing about a mission statement is that it does not have to be long. It can be one or two sentences. That way, you and your employees will be able to take a glance at it swiftly without wasting a lot of time. Nevertheless, your mission statement has to be clear, concise and definite. Here are some of the things that a good mission statement must accomplish:

Focus on customer needs instead of the product;
Clear definition of the customers;
Clear process of satisfying all customer needs;
Relevance to the current business environment
Definition of company’s core competencies

Final Thoughts

You also have to make your mission statement realistic, inspiring and memorable. Finally, do not forget to place the statement in a strategic place where it is clearly visible to everyone in the office and of course in the about session of the company’ website. Mine is there, go check it out.


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