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A good website is a combination of great graphic designs and amazing content. Many website designers and developers get caught up in the trap of imagining that only dazzling graphic designs make a website successful. But the reality is that great graphic designs and a good copy always complement each other. And so, if you are looking for graphic design, website design, or logo design services, go for someone who starts by understanding the intended content for the website before creating the designs.

In the absence of useful content, graphic design becomes completely useless. Unfortunately, a lot of projects, be they websites, apps, or logos, lack a perfect connection between visuals and content. Consequently, clients end up feeling cheated because the projects fall short of the desired results. Some of the most common mismatches between graphics and content include:

  • Failure to consider the intended audience and their needs
  • Poor spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Incompatible tone and graphics
  • Pretty visuals with irregular text or vice versa
  • Conflicting styles
  • Copy holes within confined design spaces
  • Many writings crammed into limited design spaces

How to Create Harmony Between Copy and Graphic Design

There are several ways to fix these mismatches. To begin with, you need to come up with a well thought out plan, showing clearly how the copy and designs intersect. This means that a good graphic designer should understand the fundamentals of copywriting and the importance of words. Sometimes this means working closely with copywriters in the development of content so that the designs you create a match with the text neatly and reasonably. 

A good graphic designer must be able to read and write copies for the projects they are working on. Furthermore, they have to be able to suggest alterations to the content or the entire design plan when necessary. 

Another way to make the designs and copy match ideally is to choose the right headers and subheads. These are the main copy blocks that draw readers to the rest of the copy. Therefore, when you are coming up with headings and subheads, ensure they can serve as links between graphic designs and the main text. They also have to be provocative and attention-grabbing so that the reader continues to read through the text.


Finally, remember to create the right contrast between the graphics and the text. This includes choosing the right size, style, color and layout. Don’t fall into the trap of trying new trends that are not relevant to the project at hand because that’s where things start to go off track. 

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