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Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have allowed their employees to work from home. While this may be a new practice for most people, it is a way of life for some of us.

For me, working from home has been quite rewarding because I can enjoy quietness, work with my puppy right next to me, enjoy breakfast with my hubby and prepare my own meals. However, it was a huge learning process filled with struggles and experiments as I tried to find rhythm. Now I can happily say that I’ve learned great life lessons.

Better Work Schedule

Depending on the intensity of the work I’m doing, my tasks usually take between one and eight hours to finish. So, I move from one task to the other as soon as possible. But I’ve realized that time moves weirdly fast when I’m working from home.

Previously, I would find myself juggling between tasks and ended up leaving tasks halfway. For instance, I would start by designing a website and before I finished that I would find myself answering emails or coding a webpage. As a result, time would run out before I finished what I had planned for the day.

But after getting accustomed to it, I’ve become more disciplined and now I’m able to follow a well-organized work schedule. This is a to-do list that helps me to finish first things first. It is not easy to follow the routine but it really helps.

Better Meal Plan

Many are the times when I’ve gone without eating lunch. It may sound weird because my kitchen is right next to my desk, but when a task is too important, food becomes the last thing on my mind.

Before, I could find myself eating so fast while cleaning the floor or washing dishes. It was very unhealthy! But since I adopted my puppy, things have really improved because he reminds me when to have my meals because I have to open the kitchen door for him to take a potty break. I don’t even have to stand because the kitchen door is right there.

Enjoying Music

In most workplaces, silence is part of the house policy. This helps workers to stay focused and deliver more results within a short time. But it is different when you are working from home because the house is extremely silent. In fact, I often find myself getting distracted by weird sounds such as a beeping laundry machine and a snoring dog.

But gradually, I have found a way to cancel these noises. For instance, I often keep my Google Play streaming, listen to audiobooks, or do webinars. This has really helped.

Final Thoughts:

These are just some of the useful lessons I’ve learned since I started working from home six years ago and I know there is still more to learn. Feel free to let me know what your experience has been so far.

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