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We are loyal to the brands we love.

We show up every time — credit cards in hand — ready to buy whatever they’re selling.


Have you ever thought of why we do this?

Everything about your brand… from colors to fonts to design…

Speaks directly to your ideal customer’s heart and emotions.

This means, when your branding is on target — they’re motivated to loyalty and action, from the instant they first experience your brand.

We’ve transformed these brands into icons in their niches.
Yours can be next.

geek natural logo

Geek Natural Branding

Watch me build a brand for Geek Natural, a new blog about urban and sustainable farming. In this time-lapse, you’ll see my step-by-step logo design process on a real-case scenario.

House of Ra

Case Study: House of Ra – Healing Therapy

In this week’s blog post, I’m sharing the designing process of House of Ra branding.
House of Ra is a holistic healing center, focused in helping people to reach a place of real thriving and a feeling of increased freedom of being in their own skins.

The Noodle Lady Case Study

Case Study: The Noodle Lady

An identity crafted and cooked through collaboration. Check it out this case study of the Branding design of The Noodle Lady.

English for Life
Cristiane Desouza Photography
Ville Cook - Gourmet Goods
Nave Life - Stationary
meringue sweets boutique
Luciano Nunes - digital sculptor
Raspberry Moon Design Series
Crafty Cats - Brewery coffee tea
Black Bear Consulting
Wahsega IoT
Choose Joyful Health - Stationary
Black Bear Consulting
Wahsega IoT
Choose Joyful Health - Stationary
salty parrot brewing company

Branding Design

for Salty Parrot Brewing

Part of building a brand is creating a story and make it relevant for its viewers. Aaron Burton from Salty Parrot Brewing surely understands that and we created a series of beer can designs that speak to his costumers. Click and expand to see the details.

beer can collection for Salty Parrot Brewing

I’ve worked with Vanessa many times over the years and she has never disappointed! Her design work of all types (branding, sites, etc.) is all absolutely lovely and amazingly high-quality, and she’s communicative and has a fast turn-around, too. Vanessa sees right into your brain, understands what you want, pulls it out, and then makes it even better and more beautiful than whatever you were thinking to start with.
Desiree Beauchamp, Sky Mountain Marketing